IMG 020718 October 2016, GEF SGP in Ukraine conducted 2nd Knowledge Fair on the territory of “National naturalist ecological youth center” in Kyiv.

The Knowledge Fair enabled SGP grantees and other CSO stakeholders to share and showcase best practices, innovative technologies and lessons learned from the civil society to promote the replication and scaling up the results for greater policy influence and transformational change; as well as to promote sustainability and mobilization of additional resources for community-based sustainable development initiatives.

GEF SGP Ukraine conducted a Workshop on Project Cycle Management

IMG 74937-8 June 2016, GEF SGP Ukraine conducted a Workshop on Project Cycle Management for CSOs representatives in Ivankiv, Kyiv region. The town is located in the center of one of SGP target landscapes “Kyiv and Zhytomyr Polissya”.

Almost 40 representatives of CSOs and local communities of Kyiv, Zhytomyr, and Rivne regions learned all stages of grant project preparation, implementation, evaluation, and reporting.  Experts acknowledge participants on new SGP landscape approach in the GEF OP 6, GEF Focal Areas, environmental challenges, and possible solutions for Zhytomyr and Kyiv Polissya communities.

The GEF SGP marked 5 years of work in Ukraine with a film presentation

IMG 5554The UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme has presented the documentary “Community Action - Global Impact” to commemorate the 5th anniversary of its establishment in Ukraine. The film premiered in the Cultural Center “Cinema Kyiv” on January 15th and was presented by the SGP partners - NGO "Center for Civic Education" and Charitable organization "Kraina Kino".

The Consultative Meeting Held Between the GEF SGP and Experts

P1010004A consultative meeting to discuss the strategic priorities of the GEF Small Grants Programme in GEF-6 cycle, which will be implemented in 2015-2018, was held on September 17, 2015. The programme’s goal for GEF-6 is to: “Effectively support the creation of global environmental benefits and the safeguarding of the global environment through community and local solutions that complement and add value to national and global level action”.

UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme Raises New Leaders

11013356 1035530179801322 2449436544467534310 o#NewLeader – that is who UNDP Ukraine is looking for! That is why the project "Strengthening National Capacity for Effective Youth Development and HIV/AIDS Response in Ukraine" gathered 300 new leaders from 25 regions of Ukraine in a leadership camp in Pushcha-Vodytsia in Kyiv. While you are reading this post, youngsters are developing projects, which can help to environmentally improve their schools.

The GEF SGP Project “Local communities actions in addressing degradation of lands contaminated with radionuclides” is successfully implementing the technology of managed pastures in Zhytomyr region

visit 2The project developed a system of managed pastures in the 30 ha pilot area of Kamyanka village, Zhytomyr region. In particular, a special herb mixture was planted; growth of the herbs was monitored, the content of land was analyzed, and the index of radionuclides removal was identified with the help of the Institute of Agriculture of Polissia, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University and the State Ecological Academy for Postgraduate Education and Management.

The GEF SGP Project Provided Luhansk Region Households with Solid Fuel Boilers

 DSC0064 копияThe grant project implemented by NGO “Ecological Heating” and supported by the UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme in Ukraine provided households, which are hosting internally displaced persons (IDPs), with solid fuel boilers. They will heat buildings and thus mitigate climate changes.