SPRU grant programme Final Workshop, May 23, 2019

Knowledge Fair participants

On May 23, more than 20 civil society organizations active in the field of community policing including twelve grantees of the SPRU grant programme from six regions of Ukraine organized the Community Sustainable Development and Safety Knowledge Fair to showcase best practice and grassroots initiatives that contributed to enhanced dialogue and partnership between the police and local communities.

More than 500 people took part, including youth, officials from the EUAM, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police, local government, representatives of academia and civil society. The event was featured and televised by local and national media.

All stakeholders reaffirmed the transformative impact of the small grant programme as an effective and efficient tool for ensuring the safety and security of local communities including the most vulnerable. Senior officials present reiterated the importance of replicating the grants programme throughout Ukraine including within the framework of the PRAVO Police initiative funded by the European Union.

In particular, acting Mayor of Irpin Anastasiya Popsui noted that as a result of the effective implementation of the grants programe, the Community Security and Development Center was established (the first such center in Ukraine) that will continue to implement and sustain future initiatives aimed at strengthening collaboration between local police and communities. On behalf of EUAM, Mr. Brame commended local communities and civil society for their active engagement in  community policing and noted that this is a key for success of police reform in Ukraine.  

For more details please follow the link to the Ukrainian TV channel.